Get an unique custom website with Joomla

In the realm of website development Content Management Systems or CMS have acquired a status of great importance and of the many platforms of CMS; Joomla is definitely a platform of choice for many. Out of the many advantages of Joomla, one characteristic that makes Joomla a champion web development tool is its capability to support customization. Now, why the integration of custom elements so important in website building?

Website is like a passport to the world driven by internet hungry people. However, presence of a website is not enough to get noticed as everyone else is doing the same. You have to do something unique to secure that niche place for yourself. Development and design of custom websites can be of strategic importance in this regard. Joomla as an open-source CMS allows that easily. The framework has the flexibility and capabilities which can be harnessed to the benefits of the users to build websites that can be fashioned as per the custom requirements of the business. Modifying the source code, Joomla platform can be leveraged to build robust and dynamically oriented custom-fit solutions.

Joomla as a platform is known for being functionally enriched that offers enhanced productivity. In the Joomla extension directory there are numerous modules which can be configured and used for component building in websites. However, one can easily do add-ons maintaining Joomla coding standard. Extra functionality can be added, new plug-ins can be introduced and custom components can be created. One can add social networking modules, event calendar, shopping cart components, personalized payment gateways, etc., in Joomla.

The template system of Joomla is another area which enables handy custom changes within the websites. This open-source CMS comes with numerous pre-configured templates. Depending on the choice of the template, the layout and the content structure of your website will be determined. One can choose from the umpteen numbers of standard templates that are there by default in Joomla framework. Both free and commercial versions of the templates are available for usage. However, if you want to give your website a new look and feel, then you also introduce customizations within the templates. Tweaking is allowed in the framework. You can do customizations in the standard templates available already, or else you can create your own custom templates to give your website an exclusive look. The template file structure of Joomla needs to be manipulated to get the desired custom templates, but this requires technical proficiency and skills.

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Simply a Website or a Professional Website – What’s your Pick?

How critical a website is for making a mark in the digital world? The answer will elicit a strong affirmative response. In an internet hungry generation, it is vital for any business – be it small or large, to market them in the online forum. This can be easily achieved through a website. The latter can be the most effective marketing tool of your company that demonstrates your products and services to the targeted audience, cutting across the boundaries of geography and time. The job, however, does not end with having a website.
You have a website for your company, but still your website is incapable of driving requisite business and the conversion rate of your website remains low, as well. Confused? Chances are that the development of your website lacks professionalism. There is a huge difference between just a website and professional website. There are many advantages that a professionally designed and developed website will have which you will miss if you do not opt for that.

If your designer is not professional, then the look of your website can get jeopardized to a large extent. Wrong usage of colour combination, incorrect font size or font types, etc., can rob your company’s website from donning a professional appearance. Professional web design services will never make such mistakes and will make sure that the design is in congruence with the needs and profile of the business. They will also make sure that the rendering of CSS is valid, according to the W3 standards. This will ensure that the website remains compatible with multiple browsers where the layout of the website maintains uniformity, and there is no inconsistency.

If you want to infuse in the website adept functionality, then there can be no alternative to professional development services. The latter will have thorough knowledge of the advanced technological standards like HTML5, jQuery, Ajax, etc., which they can successfully implement to develop websites that are user-friendly. Integration of new techniques will ensure fast validation and seamless load of the web pages. With this, professional web developers will ensure robust coding through usage of proper frame works and standards. The website will be secured, and the information will be encrypted. This reduces the chances of hacking the website to a great extent. Such high coding standards cannot be expected of a company which has no professional expertise.

Thus, before plunging into the foray of website development, think whether you want to have the website just for the sake of having it or the professionally built website that can give your brand value the right push?

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Confused between SEO and SEM? Know what they actually are for better online presence….

Anybody associated with the online world must be familiar with SEM or Search Engine Marketing and SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Despite the strong prevalence, often there is confusion among the usage of these two terminologies. The reason being both of them are used primarily to make website search engine friendly.

So, how different are these two, or do they point to the same thing?

Both the statements are to an extent true. SEM and SEO are definitely not the same, yet they coalesce to an extent. Not just because they both have the same objective I.e. getting more traffic for the website through higher search engine page ranks. This is because SEO is a part of SEM. SEM refers to the whole online marketing campaign that is being done to make the existence of the website more and more discernible in the online world. SEO is definitely one part of that technique, but it does not encompass the whole SEM methods. Under the gamut of the latter, there are other methods, as well. Paid campaigns are also a crucial part of SEM. Such paid techniques also do the same job as SEO. But, unlike organic SEO practices, they are not free. Money has to be shelled out for such techniques. Such methods may include Pay per click method, paid inclusion of the website in the data base of directories, search engines, ad purchase for specific keyword search query, etc.

In organic SEO, however, there are no such paid gains. Naturally, higher ranks for the website is made through ethical methods like keyword optimized content, link building, content marketing, social media marketing, etc. Your website will not have higher ranks because you paid for it, you will gain it free by the merits of your SEO campaigns. Of course, there is accost of hiring a SEO experts, but the results are more robust and sustainable.
Thus, SEM and SEO have the same mission, but SEO is only a part of the whole internet marketing tool called SEM.

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